Elizabeth LoudonI’m Elizabeth Loudon, the Director of Prospero Partners.

I was born in the UK. Then I lived in Massachusetts for 25 years. I have two passports, a mixed-up accent, and hands-on knowledge about the differences between British and American charities. (They’re fewer than you might think.)

I love great writing, and I’ve loved helping people who work for charities to tell their stories. I’ve taught writing at some top-tier colleges, I’ve published fiction and essays, and I hope to publish more. Since 1988, when I had a typewriter and white-out, I’ve written just about everything for charities and Universities that can be written: proposals and campaign case statements, appeals and letters, website copy and speeches, fundraising plans and reports. More recently, I’ve written 24 blog posts packed with practical tips for charity writers. You can still read these here, and I’ll be uploading more about writing and fundraising through my LinkedIn page.


Please stay in touch. And thank you, again, for everything you do.


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