15th June 2015 eloudon


Festina lente is the Latin (so I’m told) for ‘hurry slowly’. It’s a lovely reminder for writers facing a deadline.

I’m guessing that you, like me, often have to write under pressure. So here are some questions for you.

Does it take you longer to write a short letter than a long one?

Do you sometimes feel as if you’re flying at the keyboard, and other times as if you’re ‘pushing boulders around with your brain’, as one writer I know puts it?

Do you struggle to think of people who can give you the kind of feedback that helps more than it hurts?

Welcome to Writable. It’s a blog for you – the writer who wants to write well about the work that charities do (or about anything else that’s important). Because charities are important. They’re so important, in fact, that you might sometimes buckle under the pressure. You want to please everybody. You want to raise more money fast. You want to get it right in just one go. You don’t want to miss that deadline.

Festina lente.

Or in plain English: whenever possible, allow yourself time. Write rough drafts. Daydream a bit. Be kind to yourself. You’ll write better for it. And visit this blog again soon. You’ll find tips and hints, short ‘before and after’ examples from the front lines, words of comfort, and answers to your questions.

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Wishing you the very best – Liz



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