Ask for the moon

Your words can change

Words can make you laugh. They can heal a hurt. They can persuade people to pitch in and help.

If you're trying to do good with words, then maybe we can help -- whether you're preparing to give a talk to five hundred people, meeting with one, or sitting alone at a desk, writing a proposal.

We've searched long and hard for the right words and the right way to say them. And we've found some answers along the way.

How We Work

We work exclusively with charities and Universities.

We coach shy executives getting ready to ask for their first million pound gift. We create whole new charitable cases for support from scratch. We lead writing workshops for staff teams and cultural leaders, and strategy sessions for Boards of Trustees.

We also know what it takes to win support for good causes because we’ve done it ourselves. We’ll help you find the words that win that support.


Our Values

Sun and waterfall
We’re kind. Because if you’re struggling to find the right words, you don’t need scolding. You need kindness.

We’re honest. Because when your voice can be stronger, you want somebody to tell you – and to help you speak up and write with power.

We’re ambitious. Because your words matter. You have stories to share from the front lines. You have the power to change other people’s lives. We’ll help you set your sights high, and we’ll help you get there.

We’re socially committed. We think that everyone deserves justice, safety, clean air, great medical care, and a chance to flourish. We worry, a lot, about growing inequalities and environmental damage. Like you, we want to find solutions, today.


And a bit more about us

Elizabeth LoudonI’m Elizabeth Loudon, the Director of Prospero Partners.

I was born in the UK. Then I lived in Massachusetts for 25 years. I have two passports, a mixed-up accent, and hands-on knowledge about the differences between British and American charities. (They’re fewer than you might think.)

I love great writing, and I love helping other people to tell their stories. I’ve taught writing at some top-tier colleges and I’ve published fiction and essays. I’ve written just about everything for charities and Universities that can be written: proposals and campaign case statements, appeals and letters, website copy and speeches, fundraising plans and reports. More recently, I’ve written 24 blog posts packed with practical tips for charity writers.

I teach in-house writing and communications workshops for charity and University staff and trustees. For many years I’ve also taught “open enrolment” workshops for people from all kinds of charities and Universities to work on their writing together. COVID 19 put a stop to any plans for a spring 2020 workshop. Instead I’ll soon be launching Life Lines, a mentoring programme and webinar series based around specific writing and charity management issues.

Nobody can do it all. If I think other people can help you better than I can, I’ll tell you, and I’ll help you find those people.

I work closely with Wilder Gutterson, who co-founded Prospero Partners with me in 2007, and with some of the best communications and personal impact coaches in the country. I am an Associate with Marts & Lundy on major projects with leading cultural organisations, such as the Science Museum Group, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and St Andrews University. I am also on the board of Wayward Productions.

Get in touch if you’d like client lists, references, or more detailed examples of our work. Stay in touch if you already know us. And thank you, for everything you do.


To find our more about what we can do for you, please contact us.