prospero-master-class-30At Prospero Partners we’ve been looking long and hard at teams. Why do they sometimes fly high, with every member feeling valued? And why do they sometimes get stuck? Why are some team meetings productive and energetic, while in others people block progress, dominate discussions, or sabotage plans you thought you’d all agreed to?

We help teams perform at their best – all the time, and no matter who’s on the team. Through our in-house workshops, Working Insights, you can explore your own work culture and improve your team’s morale and communication. You will find out how other successful organisations solve common problems, and you will learn strategies for achieving organisational goals as a team. You can also work with us on specific interventions that will have a long-lasting, profound impact on a team’s dynamics and style.

Teams that work with Workwise quickly become more productive, with a much stronger alignment between overall strategy and team goals. Managers learn to communicate in ways that are clear, positive, and persuasive, and every team member has a chance to deepen their own contribution. You can also expect a dramatic reduction in conflict and stress.

If you’d like a free one-hour taster session, contact Wilder Gutterson at or on 020 7419 4252 or 07986 467 414.