Good With Words

Packing light

When you travel, how do you pack? Do you stuff a suitcase with everything you might possibly need, rain or shine? Or do you have a neat set of matching clothes that fit into one small case? Being a recovering heavy packer myself, I’ve noticed something. Confident travellers (typically people who travel a lot) tend to […] Continue Reading

The F Word

When I ask people to describe their own writing, they often say (with an embarrassed expression) that it’s “flowery”. They don’t mean that it’s poetic or lyrical. They mean that they’re working extra hard to whip up emotion in the reader. Here are two examples of writing that might be called “flowery”. The first is […] Continue Reading

Robot Writing

While I was wondering what to write in this blog post, I watched the movie Ex Machina. Maybe you saw it. It’s the one about the beer-swilling genius in a remote American hideout who creates sexy young robots. The robots are efficient killers, but you can’t blame them. They want to be free of their […] Continue Reading

Festina lente

Festina lente is the Latin (so I’m told) for ‘hurry slowly’. It’s a lovely reminder for writers facing a deadline. I’m guessing that you, like me, often have to write under pressure. So here are some questions for you. Does it take you longer to write a short letter than a long one? Do you […] Continue Reading