Our story

Sun looking through a treeProspero Partners was established in 2007 by Wilder Gutterson and Elizabeth Loudon, two seasoned fundraisers who have worked in the US as well as the UK. We have one simple goal: to help good people do great work.

Most of our clients are charities. We know how tough it can be to lead a charity, no matter what its mission or size. Drawing on our backgrounds in theatre, writing and teaching, we provide Master Classes, in-house seminars, Trustee trainings, and executive coaching. We help people understand what makes donors want to give and give again, and we show charity leaders how to build powerful relationships with each other as well as with donors.

Today we are working with some of the UK’s most influential charities: the Barbican, the British Lung Foundation, the Clore Leadership Programme, and Handicap International UK, amongst others. We develop winning cases for support and proposals, and we coach and mentor senior fundraisers, charity leaders, and Trustees who are reading to make a big difference. Through our WorkWise services, we also help leaders and work teams in the public and private sectors (such as the Barts and London NHS Trust and the Welsh Rugby Union) to build healthier, more productive working relationships.

You can read more about our writing services under “Writing”, and about our team coaching work under “Workwise”. And if you want loads of practical inspiration for your writing, you can follow our monthly blog, “Good With Words.”

Stay tuned, and stay in touch. We love to hear from you!